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The Development Characteristics Of Electrical Connector
Dec 20, 2018

1, towards miniaturization, high density, high speed transmission direction of development;

2, towards high-performance, high-frequency technology direction of development;

3, high voltage, large current connector demand market is also very large;

4, connectors are also moving towards anti-jamming technology, modularization technology and lead-free technology direction of development. In the case that the rate of traditional parallel synchronous digital signal is going to reach the limit, high-speed serial mode is a good way to solve the idea. This makes the low voltage differential signal (LVDS) the level standard for the main next-generation high-speed signal.

and the choice of high-speed connector has become the main problem to be solved in high speed signal interconnection. Several key technologies used in the development of high-speed connectors include: 1, in order to reduce the differential signal used in crosstalk, noise-free signal and grounding layer technology; 2. In order to adjust the lead of the connector, the delay difference due to the different physical distances of connector input and output can be changed. 3. In order to obtain maximum transmission efficiency, The characteristic impedance value of the connector should match the characteristic impedance of the transmission circuit.