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Electrical Parameters
Dec 20, 2018

Connectors are electromechanical components that connect electrical lines.

Therefore, the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the first problem to be considered in selecting the connector.

Rated voltage The rated voltage, also known as the operating voltage, depends primarily on the insulating material used by the machine, the size of the spacing between the contact pairs. Some components or devices may not be able to perform their proper functions when they are below their rated voltages. The rated voltage of the connector should in fact be understood as the highest operating voltage recommended by the production plant. In principle, connectors work properly below the rated voltage. The author tends to reasonably select the rated voltage according to the use environment and safety level requirements in accordance with the pressure resistance (anti-electrical strength) index of the connector. In other words, the same pressure resistance indicators, depending on the use of the environment and safety requirements, can be used to different maximum operating voltages.

This is also more in line with the objective use of the situation.

Rated current Also known as working current. As with the rated voltage, the connector generally works normally when it is below the rated current. During the design of the connector, the rated current requirement is met by the thermal design of the connector, because when the contact is flowing through the current, the contact pair will heat up due to the presence of conductor resistors and contact resistors. When its heat exceeds a certain limit, it will destroy the insulation of the connector and form contact to soften the surface coating, causing malfunction. Therefore, to limit the rated current, in fact, to limit the temperature rise inside the connector does not exceed the design of the specified value. The problem to be aware of when choosing is that for a multi-core connector, the rated current must be reduced for use. This should be more attention in the case of high current, such as φ3.5mm contact pair, generally stipulate that its rated current is 50A, but in 5 cores to reduce the amount of 33% use, that is, the rated current per core is only 38A, the number of cores, the greater the amount of reduction.