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Plug of RJ45 Network interface
Dec 20, 2018

RJ45 type network cable plug is also known as Crystal Head, a total of eight cores made, widely used in LAN and ADSL broadband Internet users network equipment between networks (called five lines or twisted-pair lines) connection.

In the specific application, the RJ45 Plug and the network cable have two connection methods (line sequence), respectively called T568A

RJ45 type network cable plug PIN number Identification method is: Hand plug, there are 8 small gold-plated one end up, there is a network cable loaded at one end of the rectangular mouth, at the same time will not have a slender plastic card pin facing your eyes, from the left side of the first small gold-plated piece is the 1th foot, 2nd foot 、...、 8th foot.

Scope of application of T568AT568A line sequence This method is used for network equipment need to cross-interconnect occasions, the so-called crossover refers to the line of one end and the other end of the cable and RJ45 network cable Connection method is different, one end according to T568A wire sequence (Figure 1), the other end press T568B line sequence (Figure 2), that is, there are several network cable at the other end is first Plug it up.